You don’t need to spend a lot to have great taste, stay in shape, create a beautiful meal. or have a bitchin’ good time. I believe this is true for most things and this theory extends into most areas of life. This is not because I believe you should always do things on the cheap. It’s about choices. Do I want nice clothes? Yes. Do I want to retire and have a substantial 401K? Yes. Maybe you splurge on that beautiful dinner at STK but the dress you wear is a gorgeous dress you happened to come across on a trip to Buffalo Exchange.

You should know…
  1. I promise never to bring in authentic content or represent something I don’t really believe in
  2. I fucking hate crafts and diy shit
  3. I never photoshop or distort images. Everything you see, except for the occasional filter is 100% authentic
Maybe you’re a Mom who finds it hard to justify buying clothes for yourself. Maybe you’re a 20’s something, new to the workplace and you need creative ways to make dat paycheck stretch. Maybe you just need a little inspiration. My hope is that this blog will help you think about things differently. You really can have it all. Let’s just do good shit, k?


Citizen of the world, currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

email: tatteredglamour@gmail.com

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