8 Practices to Help Stay Centered When Life Feels Chaotic


I am a big fan of the self-help genre. The Secret, The Power of Now, The Universe Has  Your Back, You Are a Badass,  I own them all. You think by how much reading I’ve done that I’d basically be a the most zen AF person you have ever met. Well, that is not the case and alas I am human, but I have picked up a few habits along the way that I turn to that help center me when shit gets real. Whether you are traveling a ton, working long hours, taking care of babies, there are small practices you can incorporate in your day to help you stop and smell the roses. While none of the suggestions below are particularly new or earth shattering, sometimes it helps to know tricks and tips that others find helpful.

  1. Start your day with a hot cup of lemon water. Okay, so the point here is NOT the water (although there are incredible health benefits to this practice) it’s act of making the water and sipping it that helps me have calm morning, and the calmer my morning is, the calmer my day is.
  2. Practice yoga weekly. Come hell or high water, I get my ass on the mat. Extra bonus points for being able to make time for this during a busy travel week. It acts as my church, my time to connect with my spirit and the universe.
  3. Meditate for 5-10 minutes every morning. This is your time to go internally and just BE. “Not being good at mediation” is NOT an excuse. Learning to calm your brain takes time and the whole point of mediation is that its a practice.
  4. Eliminate television and social media before bed. This is a new one for me as my spouse and I love to Netflix/Amazon and chill before bed, but I find that I have a hard time turning off my brain especially if I’m watching a particularity interesting show (current obsession: Sopranos). I also try to avoid going on social media after 7 pm.
  5. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. When I am tired and fatigued the energy I am giving off (or vibrations) are low. When I am full of life and energy my vibrations are higher and I find that gratefulness, great moods, and productiveness are more abundant.
  6. Make self-care a priority. Usually when life gets out of control self care also goes out of the window. Whether its a massage, a bath, a pedicure, take time to do something nice for yourself!
  7. Say no to things to say yes to yourself. About six months ago my life felt like it was spinning out of control, I had so much on my plate and I felt like I could not give my full attention to any one thing. I decided to step down from a few of my obligations (which was not easy – but necessary). Saying “no” opened up my life and time) to the things I find most important (husband, family, friendships).
  8. Practice Gratitude. I LOVE to travel but thinking about packing and leaving my partner can be overwhelming from time to time. In those moments I try to be grateful I have the opportunity to see new places and try new things. If your job is shitty, try being grateful you can pay the bills or that you are using your talents on a daily basis.

Touching base with the goodness in our stressful circumstances can make all the difference.